Sunday, April 25, 2010


An altar of fruit, bread and golden rosemary...

Since writing a few week ago about altars and realizing how much love I have of them, I now "see" altars everywhere.., some are consciously created others not.

I feel like a bird, who is driven to make the nest around her comforting and familiar, AND visually inspiring.

The fresh strawberries, golden rosemary plant and loaf of bread nourish not only my body, but my soul. These items contain worth to me because I value the human touch and exchange of energy that went into growing and creating that which is in front of me, they hold an innate beauty, that for me symbolizes the harvesting of hard work, love and care.

So, I create an altar in appreciation of these good and simple things.

And in these moments of appreciation, I experience a deep, profound, inner joy and authentic contentment for the life I am leading.

How do you experience contentment?

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Carol said...

I'll take a deep breathe and say a little thank the universe and be contended. No physcial Alta for me.