Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Love Poem...

Its a short post today I'm sorry to say... a visit to the oral surgeon has stopped me from jaw-in too much..

Love you lots,

A Homecoming ~
by Wendell Berry

One faith is bondage.  Two
are free.  In the trust
of old love, cultivation shows
a dark and graceful wilderness
at its heart.  Wild
in that wilderness, we roam
the distance of our faith;
safe beyond the bounds
of what we know.  O love,
open.  Show me
my country.  Take me home.


A request for loving prayer...

For Roger...

Please join me if you will and send loving prayers
to the husband of my sweet sister.
He has a short time left and 
I pray that he knows a kind of gentleness and
peace, that he truly deserves.

Thank you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Way To Share The Love...

For me, Valentines is another way to spread the love...

So in the spirit of sharing, I invited a few friends over for tea, chocolate cupcakes (sorry forgot to take photo's) and Valentine making...

I pulled out my considerable stash of craft supplies that I'd accumulated over the past half a dozen years...  Ribbons, glitter, stickers, sequins, buttons, beads, vintage papers, and confetti covered the dining room table, barely giving us room to move...  Oh, but what fun we had...

(Notice the prevalence of RED worn by Les Artists)

So many exquisite Valentines were made by all, so diverse, so creative, so filled with the love of these beautiful women.

Do you have a special way to celebrate Valentines?  

If you make your own Valentine Cards I'd love to see them... If you send me a photo, I'll post it during the next week...

XO Neinah