Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A few days before leaving for our trip to try out a new race track in Eastern Oregon, I started to worry that "there might not be anything to do,"  We'd been warned by the event organizer, to "plan on bringing everything we need IN with us" (as if we were going on a dangerous,  hike into the Amazon jungle and to be ready for any perils that may besiege us!)  So we literally took everything: water, petrol, lots of food, extra clothes (we were staying at a motel every night, 26 miles away, so its not like we were exactly roughing it.)  In fact the toughest part for yours truly was having to use the track portaloos!! (yukkkk - give me a wall to squat behind in a grassy field anyday!)  But that's what was so funny about all of this is,  yes we were in the middle of what seemed like nowhere, there wasn't even a wall to squat behind, there was nothing at all for miles, except in the distance we could see the profiles of snowy covered Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, Rainer, and Jefferson.  The quiet (when far enough away from the sound of the racecars) was unfathomable at first for me...  I cannot remember the last time I felt such stillness, peace and quiet, (except for the birds and bugs, which were in abundance.)  I spent the two days mostly bird watching and doing collage art....  I've discovered that I LOVE to go racing..., even in the midst of the racing fury going on around me, I can still find peace through doing what I love