Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Wishing you all Peace, Health and Happiness.

Thank you for staying in touch and being part of my community of friends and family.
This coming year I will be writing more, creating more and running more:)
I love hearing from you and hearing about whats going on in your worlds, so if any of you blog.. sign me up, and if you email..., drop me a line or maybe send me some photo's... Time (life) is flying by, Sophie's now in college and Isabel is in her second year of high school.. They're both busy people in their own right with friends, commitments, work, dreams.. I am blessed to have them both at home for Christmas.

My wish for us all, is that we have a sweet, kind, loving, peaceful christmas.

With Love and Appreciation.


Friday, December 4, 2009


Last Sunday, I ran the Seattle Half Marathon, I was one of over 8,000 runners, I finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. I walked for the first mile, not really sure how to act, what to think, it was all new to me (intimidating.) I struck up a conversation with a young woman from Spokane who planned on walking the whole 26.2 marathon course, I explained to her that I wasn't sure what I would do, I told her I was worried about my knees, this was my first time, I really had never been a runner... Suddenly from behind us came a small group of runners charging up the hill, flanked by motorcycle police. They were running so fast, as if their lives depended on it.., though it was still not day light and temps were freezing cold, they wore only the lightest of running clothes that were already soaked in sweat it was as if they were running a race in Bermuda instead of the freezing damp of Seattle. The air crackled as they passed by, I felt a jolt of something, like panic, or maybe sheer thrill... I was a child again, and I'd just been invited to come and play with a bunch of kids who were heading out to have a wonderful adventure..., didn't I want to come too??? I suddenly found myself saying goodbye to the young woman from Spokane, explaining that I was ready to do what I'd come to do..., run. I took off and joined the enormous shoal of runners, and didn't look back. It seemed like many passed me by, but I kept on going, stayed focused, listened to my body. My Ipod, loaded with music from my teens, Electric Light Orchestra, Hot Chocolate, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, Elvis Costello kept me company and my pace rhythmic and sure. When I crossed over I-5 and saw the last mile marker, I knew that I'd done it.. I had energy to run the last mile faster and cross the finish line with a new story about me. I did it:)

I'd started training in mid September, and on November 29th, I ran the Seattle Half Marathon.

During the run, as I was listening intently to my body, It occurred to me that I'd always told myself that I wasn't a runner and so I never tried running for real and here I was running in a half marathon! Now I'm asking what else have I told myself I'm no good at, can't do, shouldn't even try doing??? I'd no idea until this race what a lot of stories I've been telling myself about who I am, and what I can and cannot do, so guess what?

I'm ready for some new stories:))) If you'd like to see a wee clip of me crossing the finish line
click on the link below.

Thanks for listening.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Its been a while...

Yes, it HAS been a while hasn't it. I wondered before embarking on writing a blog if there might be times when I would get bloggers block, and not find anything remotely interesting to babble about, but 5 months???

What can I say? Time has just slipped away and I got busy doing other stuff (life!)

In August, I saw my eldest daughter off to attend Cuesta college in San Luis Obispo, its taken a while adjusting to her being gone, I miss her a lot, but her absence has been softened by knowing that she's just two states away, as opposed to last year when she spent half her senior year in Argentina and it felt like she was a million miles away!

This summer saw Caelin & I spending quite a few long weekends on the road for his BMW racing series - HE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP, after only 3 seasons!! He is the official Pro3 2009 Champion!!! Its been amazing and inspiring to see him achieve his lifetime goal these past 3 summers, and to be there to see him win the championship... - I'm VERY proud of him. (& he is thrilled to bits:)

This summer I got sick, I went to the local ER one night with pains in my right side... the Doctor informed me that I had an enlarged gall bladder, and handed me a bill for $5,700.00 for the pleasure of their company for a mere 3 hours

With Caelin's help I was able to go to the Annapurna Center for Self Healing in Port Townsend and had a life changing "gall bladder & liver flush." I can't say enough good things about the people who run the cleanse, & Robin who owns the center is an angel. She gives such great care for her clients and will bend over backwards to make the stay and experience the best it can be.

Speaking of life changing, this past September I signed up for group training to run the Seattle Half Marathon... I have NEVER been a runner, even in school, running was really hard, I couldn't figure out how to do it without bending over double after a minute of trying to keep up with the rest of the pack. So to find myself signed up for a race that's 13.1 miles long to be held on a cold November morning, is still a bit of a puzzle, but now I am grateful that I listened to that insistent voice that made me sign up. I feel stronger, more energized, more hopeful, more full of wonder and amazement than I have since I was a child... - wow..., the wonders of exercise.., who knew?? Wish me luck, the race is on Sunday, the day after tomorrow.

I will attempt to write more often:)

Please stay in touch..


Monday, June 22, 2009

Roses are the epitome of what's wonderful and heaven-like about summer.  This morning as I sat on the front steps, drinking my cup of Earl Grey, listening to the birds all vying for airtime I felt for a moment that THIS IS heaven to me, right here, right now, in this moment, and this garden is my sanctuary, my place of peace and worship. 
Someone (a woman friend) once told me, that as we age, we develop a love and sentimentality  for roses... It is certainly true in my case. In my old garden, I had just three rose plants, and though I  thought them lovely they seemed over-rated, needing much in the way of maintenance.  Now I'm older and my new garden has  (pauses to count in head, ... this may take a while) 19 rose plants that I love and adore and feel such a strong physical connection for their well being, as if I am their parent.., sometimes when one of my roses is doing particularly well (Jude the Obscure, you know who I'm talking about..) I get a lump in my throat, and feel so touched at their ability to be so very stunning.  

What touches you ?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Food is one of life's great pleasure's, don't you agree?  I love this time of year, there's so many luscious fruits and vegetables available now through September.  I always feel like my Spring and Summer menu's are so much more fun, and imaginative.  Although there's not much one needs to do to a bowl of fresh off the farm sugar snap peas, or alpine strawberries, or a beautiful bunch of baby carrots in shades of purple, pink and orange...,  just rinse and crunch! - Heaven:)

I guess for me food and food preparation is mostly fun, I LOVE to try out new recipes, and easily get stifled if I have to make the same old stuff over and over again.  By trying new recipes I get to feed my family and my creativity.

Speaking of culinary creativity, I am really looking forward to this movie coming out in August, not only because its about food, but it stars a couple of my favorite actors, Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci, and directed by Nora Ephron.

I hope that this link works for you, if not, you can just utube Julie and Julia trailer. (this is my first attempt at linking a video - apologies if it doesn't work!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On a recent trip to Portland International Raceway, I had the opportunity to do some birding.  It is without doubt my favorite track to visit, due in part to its location.  The track is now owned by the City, but at one point was being sought after by bazillionare Paul Allen, who had plans to "develop" the desirable property, probably into something with Pizazz, I'm sure, but I can't remember.  The truth is this track is a stunning park, surrounded by beautiful waterways that are filled with wildlife, and what I've noticed is an amazing balance to be found between the racing metal boxes tearing around the tarmac at break-neck speeds and the crazy humans that drive them and the business as usual, life goes on, matter of fact-ness attitude of the birds and mammals there.  

On a trip to the public loos our friend Richard was almost mown down (slight exaggeration) by a starling who disappeared into an electrical box on the side of the building.  Richard came and got me (he knows I'm partial to birds.)  We opened up the box and took some photos - take a look at what we found...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A few days before leaving for our trip to try out a new race track in Eastern Oregon, I started to worry that "there might not be anything to do,"  We'd been warned by the event organizer, to "plan on bringing everything we need IN with us" (as if we were going on a dangerous,  hike into the Amazon jungle and to be ready for any perils that may besiege us!)  So we literally took everything: water, petrol, lots of food, extra clothes (we were staying at a motel every night, 26 miles away, so its not like we were exactly roughing it.)  In fact the toughest part for yours truly was having to use the track portaloos!! (yukkkk - give me a wall to squat behind in a grassy field anyday!)  But that's what was so funny about all of this is,  yes we were in the middle of what seemed like nowhere, there wasn't even a wall to squat behind, there was nothing at all for miles, except in the distance we could see the profiles of snowy covered Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, Rainer, and Jefferson.  The quiet (when far enough away from the sound of the racecars) was unfathomable at first for me...  I cannot remember the last time I felt such stillness, peace and quiet, (except for the birds and bugs, which were in abundance.)  I spent the two days mostly bird watching and doing collage art....  I've discovered that I LOVE to go racing..., even in the midst of the racing fury going on around me, I can still find peace through doing what I love

Sunday, April 12, 2009

                                                         A peaceful garden in Ashland

So this week found us in Ashland Oregon, to explore and check out the University of Southern Oregon.  Last week,  Sophie and I toured the University of Oregon at Eugene.

I am so very grateful for this opportunity - to view, experience, observe with Sophie.  This next step in her life is SO big and exciting.  I never got to have "the college experience" fresh out of high school..., in fact I DETESTED high school and couldn't wait to be finished with the whole school thing, and be free of people "telling me what to do deal" (here's where I do a big maternal sighhhhhhhh at my younger more foolish, inexperienced angry self..., if only I'd known then what I know.... , well, you know the rest.)  So, for my kid to be able to have the opportunity (and desire) to go to college, is a big one for me too, and I am thrilled for her.  Just touring the two colleges and being exposed to all that youthful energy, bicycles, coffee shops, schools of  Drama (Ashland), Journalism (Eugene), all that culture, confidence and sheer excitement ... I feel like through Sophie's experience, I'm being allowed to have a taste of the life that she's preparing to step into..., and I feel so very blessed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Its been a while, I apologize for not posting sooner, I need to get in the practice of daily postings...  I find the blogs that I am most loyal to are the ones that post at least weekly news or articles.  I have no excuse, other than traveling a couple of times in the past two weeks.  

I took a three day business trip with Caelin to New Mexico, we met with an audio reviewer, had lunch and listened to his state of the art music system, then headed to Santa Fe.  Both Caelin and I LOVED our time there.  We spent our two days enjoying the sunshine, eating delicious SouthWest cuisine, walking around the old part of town, gazing at incredible art and being amazed at the laid back unhurried pace of life... We found ourselves asking "why don't we live here instead of the rainy grey Pacific Northwest?"  Good question...  However, on the morning we woke to drive to Albuquerque airport to catch our flight home, we found that during the night a foot of snow had fallen!  Wow, we had to excavate our car from the parking lot, fortunately our rental car was a four wheel drive, and we were able to make our flights on time.. But oh, how beautiful Santa Fe is in the snow.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring is just around the corner..., honest, really,,, I can feel it..., actually I'm surprised I can
feel anything after we spent this past weekend freezing our extremities off at Pacific Raceways track for the opening race season 6 hour enduro. But seriously folks, look at the pretty flowers
(taken at my friend Billie's house just last week.) Hellebores, or Lenten Rose (because they bloom around Lent,) bloom in early SPRING, and these beauties are all blossoming like crazy.. so THEY know that spring is here. So I have told myself that these ongoing snow flurries, and nightly drops below freezing temps, are winters last stand, and soon we will be happily basking in positively balmy 50 and 60 degree temps, and we will finally be able to put winter behind us:) Neinah

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tis the Season,,, well, almost - again

Well, a new season of racing is almost upon us, and as you can see from the above photo,,, Caelin is beside himself with extreme joy and anticipation.  I am reminded of the iconic 70's racing movie Le Mans, with Steve McQueen, where his character is describing the emotions of the sport.  "When you're racing, its life.  Anything that happens before or after that is just waiting."  I see the same wistful expression on most race driver's faces..., once they've been "bitten" by the racing bug, they're never the same again. So, Vrooooom Vrooommmm ,,,, screeeeeeechhhhhh!!! Here we go again:)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello all, here's a photo of my new birdie friend, Varied Thrush. Normally a VERY shy fellow, in the past, I would spot him (if I was lucky,) maybe once or twice in the season. However, this winter we have been blessed with the appearance of not one but three of them, and daily. In fact they are early to the feeders, I hear them when I'm lying in bed, zizzing...., their bird call is really distinct, it sounds like a big bumble bee is caught in his beak!... I feel like he's calling to get me up and put fresh seed out. So, each morning, I head outside onto the deck and feed my birdies, and I reap the rewards instantly... A Chickadee might flit over my head looking for a fat shiney sunflower seed, a little family of Pine Siskins zoom in perching in the tray feeder stuffing their little beaks with thistle, then the place just comes alive with Junco's, Purple Finch, House Sparrows, Rufous sided Towhee's, and let's not forget the
very territorial Anna's hummingbird
who just comes to hang out in the hippest, happening bird feeding station in the neighborhood.

I love to watch the birds, its one of the great pleasures in my life, when I see some feeding action going on outside our sitting room window, I just have to stop for a few moments and
take in the sweetness of them, and enjoy the moment. (I apologize for the change in text..., It somehow changed, and I can't figure out how to change it back!!! sighhhhh..., caution..., steep learning curve ahead:)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Coming Out!

Finally, after much procrastination, I am "coming out"... after much ado about nothing..., I am finally posting my first blog.

Welcome to the meanderings and mutterings of Neinah.

Please feel welcome to stop by from time to time, and check out what's going on, what's the latest, what's funny, what's happening...