Friday, November 27, 2009

Its been a while...

Yes, it HAS been a while hasn't it. I wondered before embarking on writing a blog if there might be times when I would get bloggers block, and not find anything remotely interesting to babble about, but 5 months???

What can I say? Time has just slipped away and I got busy doing other stuff (life!)

In August, I saw my eldest daughter off to attend Cuesta college in San Luis Obispo, its taken a while adjusting to her being gone, I miss her a lot, but her absence has been softened by knowing that she's just two states away, as opposed to last year when she spent half her senior year in Argentina and it felt like she was a million miles away!

This summer saw Caelin & I spending quite a few long weekends on the road for his BMW racing series - HE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP, after only 3 seasons!! He is the official Pro3 2009 Champion!!! Its been amazing and inspiring to see him achieve his lifetime goal these past 3 summers, and to be there to see him win the championship... - I'm VERY proud of him. (& he is thrilled to bits:)

This summer I got sick, I went to the local ER one night with pains in my right side... the Doctor informed me that I had an enlarged gall bladder, and handed me a bill for $5,700.00 for the pleasure of their company for a mere 3 hours

With Caelin's help I was able to go to the Annapurna Center for Self Healing in Port Townsend and had a life changing "gall bladder & liver flush." I can't say enough good things about the people who run the cleanse, & Robin who owns the center is an angel. She gives such great care for her clients and will bend over backwards to make the stay and experience the best it can be.

Speaking of life changing, this past September I signed up for group training to run the Seattle Half Marathon... I have NEVER been a runner, even in school, running was really hard, I couldn't figure out how to do it without bending over double after a minute of trying to keep up with the rest of the pack. So to find myself signed up for a race that's 13.1 miles long to be held on a cold November morning, is still a bit of a puzzle, but now I am grateful that I listened to that insistent voice that made me sign up. I feel stronger, more energized, more hopeful, more full of wonder and amazement than I have since I was a child... - wow..., the wonders of exercise.., who knew?? Wish me luck, the race is on Sunday, the day after tomorrow.

I will attempt to write more often:)

Please stay in touch..