Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Year Of Finding Love

I'll be honest, as soon as I published yesterday's post, I began to feel nervous, and started to question myself.. but I had a list of chores that I had to get on and do, so I dropped the worry and got on with my list. Topping the list was a trip to the post office, so I took off and stood in line with several folks. I heard a woman's voice start talking to me from behind, saying how beautiful the day had been and weren't we all blessed? When I turned to see who was speaking, I saw an older woman with a sweet smiling face, her silver hair pulled back into an elegant bun. I couldn't help but notice her lovely voice, she had a southern accent, very gentle and polite. (think Jessica Tandy in the movie "Driving Miss Daisy.") She told me that even though it was sunny outside at her age of 89, she still had to wear a winter coat, as she felt the cold more, than when she was younger. I was quite taken aback when she told me her age, and told her how amazing I thought she looked! I went on to ask her what she thought her secret was to her obvious good health and longevity.. and she smiled her sweet smile and said in her lovely southern way, "Why.., LOVE of course," and gave a little secret laugh, more to herself than anything, like she was recollecting something sweet. She explained to me that her husband of 65 years (who was also 89) still worked full time as an engineer, despite having arthritis he was still able to work because he had a great mind and that he loved to work. She went on to say what a wonderful husband he had always been to her , and to this day he would still write her love letters and poetry, she sighed gently and finished by saying "I am lucky to have him, he is my angel." As I watched her describe the man she had loved for so many years, her face lit up, her eyes glistening, skin that glowed.., showing me that truly LOVE was her secret to wellness, health and beauty. I thanked her for sharing, and took my turn at the front desk.

Driving home I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of this conversation in a post office with a total stranger on the very subject of.... what else, but LOVE.

Perhaps I had been visited by an angel?

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Year Of Finding Love

A Year Of Finding Love

I invite you to join me daily (or however often you feel like it) on my year long quest to write about love.

I have given myself this task, so that I can remind myself each day that even though the world is filled with much pain and suffering, anger and hatred, I have much to be grateful for and love to share with all who care to join me.

So many times in the day I experience little, fleeting moments of love (along with many other more "challenging" emotions!)

I am committing myself to a year of documenting these beautiful snapshot, heart-squeezing moments, that bring love and joy into my life, and then share them with any of you who are interested.

I shared my idea with a very good friend, who I know cares about me deeply, and she was concerned for me that a) a year is a huge commitment to do anything (true, but whats the point of life if not to jump right in to it and start swimming? Its like the half marathon I ran in November, I didn't know I could run till I jumped in and started, the next thing I knew, I was a runner and completed a half marathon!) her other point was b) what if nobody reads it? Well, I'm doing this primarily for myself, with an open heart to share with anyone who's out there and is remotely interested. This is like a spiritual/creative practice that I am happy to share with others. But like most spiritual practices I am the one who will benefit from it regardless if anyone else reads what I write or approves.

So, here is my first entry in A Year Of Finding Love. Above is a photo of my two beautiful daughters, Sophie and Isabel. They are, and continue to be the loves of my life.
From the very beginning when they came into this world and my life they have been my greatest muses. I am truly blessed to call myself their mother. They, more than anything have inspired me to be more - more loving, more thoughtful, more ambitious, more creative, more capable than I would ever thought of for myself. There have been some hard and challenging times in my life, and they have come to my rescue by just the act of giving me the look of love that says,,, you can do anything Mama, you're the best, I know that you'll make everything ok, because you're strong, because we see something in you that we love and know we can trust.
And when I look at them , I KNOW that I can move mountains.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Belated Valentines...

I'd planned on writing sooner, but things don't always work out the way we plan. I did however manage to send my "Valentines" their Valentines on time. For some wonderful, unknown reason, this year, I was really overcome with a desire to spread the love.., I planned early enough so that I would have time to make all the sweet things I needed to, that I hoped would convey my love in the best way I know how..., HOME MADE (baked sweet things - gluten free of course, cards, and little dolls holding hearts with special heartfelt messages.)
To say I enjoyed myself is a huge understatement. As I sewed the little doll bodies, and made the heart shaped cookies, my thoughts dwelt on the special people in my life, and I understood what a gift it is to have people to love, and for them to be able to receive this huge, unpredictable, sometimes inarticulate, awkward, heart of mine.

So, Happy Valentines to all of you, even if you didn't receive a card, cookie or doll.