Sunday, April 12, 2009

                                                         A peaceful garden in Ashland

So this week found us in Ashland Oregon, to explore and check out the University of Southern Oregon.  Last week,  Sophie and I toured the University of Oregon at Eugene.

I am so very grateful for this opportunity - to view, experience, observe with Sophie.  This next step in her life is SO big and exciting.  I never got to have "the college experience" fresh out of high school..., in fact I DETESTED high school and couldn't wait to be finished with the whole school thing, and be free of people "telling me what to do deal" (here's where I do a big maternal sighhhhhhhh at my younger more foolish, inexperienced angry self..., if only I'd known then what I know.... , well, you know the rest.)  So, for my kid to be able to have the opportunity (and desire) to go to college, is a big one for me too, and I am thrilled for her.  Just touring the two colleges and being exposed to all that youthful energy, bicycles, coffee shops, schools of  Drama (Ashland), Journalism (Eugene), all that culture, confidence and sheer excitement ... I feel like through Sophie's experience, I'm being allowed to have a taste of the life that she's preparing to step into..., and I feel so very blessed.