Friday, April 30, 2010

Time For Some lovely "Old Fashioned Mail."

Sweet little garden themed cards by Bainbridge Artist Meagan Stockman

I am always on the look out for lovely blank notecards, so I was thrilled to bits when I walked into our local feed store yesterday (so much more than a feed store!) and found these little works of art in card form. I love nothing more than to send someone I care about a hand written note on a lovely little piece of art (even more so when its been crafted by a local artist...)

An added bonus occurred when I dropped in next door to the tiny one woman run post office, to ship my college girl her package of gluten free goodies for the week and happened to spy these heavenly (see above) first class stamps smothered in exquisitely detailed violets, perfectly timed for sending Mothers Day cards... (they reminded me of the real violets I wrote about yesterday...)

Did I need any first class stamps? No, but I bought them anyway..., what a delicious way to brighten up a piece of mail right??? (Any excuse to brighten/beautify the mundane is the motto I wish to live by:)

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