Sunday, August 1, 2010

Decorate a hat day...

So today, I got a bee in my bonnet - (well almost literally,) to do something fun and creative.

This weekend found us at the Pacific Raceways Track near Seattle... CG racing his BMW race car, and Neinah settled in the worn, cozy, comfort of Petunia the RV...   Basket of creative bits and pieces, fun magazines and other necessities  at hand, I relax into the space of just being.

Pondering what I'd like to do, I gaze at the straw hat  I'd bought at a store a few days before.  I bought it because a) it fit my ex. large head and b)  It was crying out to be made pretty.  The somber black ribbon and feather made it look like such a serious hat...

I love hats that hark back to a time when wearing a hat was a common occurrence.

 I have always worn hats, perhaps its an English thing?  

Trying on hats with my Mum at the big department stores when I was growing up is one of my most treasured memories..., we would make funny faces to each other, or try to be serious, each wearing a most remarkable feathered, lacy, pouffy creation, turn to face each other and bend over double laughing so hard... Secretly though, I think we both relished these times, because after all don't all girls like to play dress-up???

As I started in on decorating this hat (which by the way had an Edwardian feel to me.) I mused on how often I have fantasized about being a milliner... I imagine a charming quiet studio, old pendulum clock tick-tocking in the corner, all kinds of delicious vintage flowers, velvet ribbons, french lace and feathers in gorgeous, tempting colors... just waiting for me to choose just the right color and textured combinations to make some exquisite frothy creation for some lady to wear to a wedding, baby's christening, or the  Derby horse race... Ah such fun to dream..., and by the time I'd finished dreaming.. I was done!!!

Do you ever fantasize about having a career thats quite different from what you usually do???


The Quintessential Magpie said...

I adore hats, too,and I wear them in Florida to protect my face from the sun. Love the hat with and without the flowers. It's a great look both ways!


Sheila :-)

Joke van de Klift said...

Thanks, Neinah for your visiting on my blog.
You found the hedgehog nice isn't it?
Yes he is, it's a funny animal, he is lovely, we coll him, an egel.
In the evening was he comming also i can make a picture.
I was so happy.
I love your picture's from the birds too, they are very nice.
Love you,

A Write Life said...

I love it! Too cute.