Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Invitation To Sit...

 The heart shaped sitting rock...

Though I've passed this rock often, this day the rock spoke to me, invited me to sit -

So I sat
and listened.

Its smooth, shallow place
a comforting hollow
invited my muscles to relax.

Watching as the world goes
by, people running , busy,
involved in their daily stories..

The rock tells me his life is
like this..waiting and watching
and life goes on around him

The sun endures in this desert place
and rock endures the elements, the people.

I am quiet on the rock,
lizard like, being warmed
by the sun, appreciating the
quiet, my inner solitude (my
 rock friend and I..) surrounded
by busyness and its people.

The rock wants to be photographed,
written about, immortalized..
So I photograph him,
and see that I have been sat
in the center of a heart.

The rock is a heart.
And it shared its ancient
wisdom, inviting me to
pause, and breath and be.

I give thanks to the rock
and go about my busyness.


Carol said...

Obviously you are a woman in love.

Kiki said...

Hello Kindred..happy to know another who speaks to the stones! What a gorgeous and magical post full of beuaty and peacefulness and your words of innspiring wisdom! Thankyou for sharing your magic and the magic of this heart shaped rock..what a gift! hugs