Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quiet In The Morning...

Sunshine pours onto the table, early morning

Early morning is one of my favorite times of day, everyone's still a'bed catching a few more Z's.  
The air is cool and fresh and the morning mist is rising up off of the bay...  Birds at the feeders filling their beaks with breakfast..., I love this special time, I love this special quiet.

With so much technology in our lives, cell phones, Ipods, tv, dvr, laptops, facebook, twitter etc... its hard to be alone, be quiet, be in a state of peace...  I worry sometimes about my children, who always seem to be carrying around some kind of  "device."

I relish moments of deep quiet.  

The Quiet ~ by Ivey Brown

Be quiet.
Don't talk.
And in the quiet
I heard whispers
Of ways and paths
In the quiet
Direction given,
Hope shown.
In the quiet
Faith built.
On quietness.
The stillness of the wind
As it moves around
Not through
The path of trees
That stand firmly in the way.
Eyes open wide
To see,
Ears to hear
The Truth.
Spoken quietly
From a quiet heart.