Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet Squirrel Nutkin...

Squirrel Nutkin Stuffing His Cheeks With Sunflower Seeds

We call him Nutkin, and he's a daily visitor to our deck to pick up the seeds that the messy finches leave behind. Sometimes he hides in the trees, sometimes he hides under our deck and sometimes he hides inside our outdoor grill!!! There have been many occasions during this past winter when I've gone to open the grill, only to discover it had an occupant! Gently opening the grill I have found myself face to face with a rather indignant squirrel, his black shiny eyes staring me down as if to say... "Do you mind?"

I find squirrels to be rather cranky creatures, well at least this one is.. I hear him more often than I see him, because he's always complaining about something.. His protestations can be regularly heard in the morning at our house, waking us all up, including Taz, my Cairn Terrier. Who scratches and claws to be let out so she can join in the noise making..., which she does and the pair of them go at it! Barking and (hmmm what is that noise that irate squirrels make?)
...Nit, nit, nit, nit..nitting... is what it sounds like to me...

Ah well, I shall miss the wee beast, as I suppose Taz will too.

I found this funny and true poem about a squirrel.. hope you enjoy it...

The Red Squirrel ~ by Barranca

I saw a red squirrel
Eat a yellow mushroom.
Daintily he nibbled around
The edge, turning it around
And around as he feasted......
Until he noticed me watching.......
Irritably he scrambled to a higher branch,
But I saw him again
Nibbling and once again,
He raced to an even higher branch.
Some little people don't like to be
watched eating,
Particularly yellow mushrooms.


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CC said...

Thank you for sharing sweet little squirrel..they're one of my favorite little creatures, and you've captured him so well. I've become a follower of your pretty blog..I really like it.