Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Color Combining...

Today in the garden, I paused as I love to do, especially at this time of year, when everything grows and changes so rapidly.

I've noticed, that when I leave for a couple of days during springtime and then return, its as if I don't recognize my own garden, like the garden had a party whilst I was gone, and went WILD!!! Just a few days in spring can bring on the plants so quickly and make huge changes.

So, pausing allows me to run my eyes slowly over everyone, to make sure they're all doing ok. No bugs, no diseases, no rot... check... Then today, I spied a most delicious color combination of flowers that are both blooming at the same time... - "Queen Of The Night" tulips and "Amber" rose..

The tulips have already peaked and are beginning to lose their purpley black luster, but they are still drop-dead gorgeous, especially when the sun shines on them.. and Amber is potted up (ready to travel to our new house when we move.) And she is gorgeous too, with her delicate apricot blush, satin petals...

I love serendipitous plantings that look like I planned it that way.. I've never noticed this delightful color combination before in either my garden or anywhere else for that matter. I will make sure to recreate it again in the next green oasis I plan.

Do you have favorite color combinations that wow you?

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