Monday, May 10, 2010

Land Of Enchantment...

Georgia O'Keeffe And New Mexico, A Sense Of Place ~ By Barbara Buhler Lynes

I took a little break this afternoon, and spent an hour curled up on my bed, looking at this book that had just arrived in the afternoon post.

After recently watching a movie about the lives of Georgia O'keeffe and her husband, Alfred Stiglitz, I felt inspired to read more about her time in New Mexico
In the movie, she is taken away from New York by a friend, to visit Taos in the hope she'll recover her health after being sick for some time. From the first morning that she wakes up in this new
landscape, she is captivated, and begins to paint exquisite art reflecting the powerful and dramatic landscape that is New Mexico.

I understand that captivation. I fell in love with New Mexico on my first visit to the "Land Of Enchantment" and though I've returned several times since, I still feel a powerful pull to be there and not leave, as I watched the movie and saw scenes of the unmistakable landscape there, my heart and throat responded, and I wept. Each time I am reminded of New Mexico, I feel like a child who's been lost and gone away too long, and is being called home by her loving Mother...

Do you have a special place in this world that calls to you?

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