Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A Newly Hatched Butterfly Dries Its Wings

Sorry for being absent without a word..
I've been sick with strep throat and did not have energy to open my laptop!
I apologize, as one of my good friends reminded me today, that its probably a good idea to write a line or two, even if its just to let us know that you "feel like your dying right now and can't write!" (even though that might be a tad melodramatic for me, point taken:)

For the past week I've had lots of time on my hands, time to sleep, rest and mull things over.
I've had a big list of chores to do, but could not get to them, I was very frustrated. I had major cabin fever, and wished for energy that I just didn't have.

This past
Sunday, I felt good enough to venture outside for the first time in days, I sat on the walkway in our garden and soaked up the lovely, gentle, healing warmth of the sun. This is where I spotted the little black and white butterfly, drying out its wings... I observed his patience ..., if he took off too soon before they were fully dried out, the delicate membranes might have torn and he'd never have been able to fly, on the other hand, he was vulnerable to birds and other predators whilst he patiently waited for his wings to be finished...

I find that when I take a moment or two to look and see this beautiful life around me, and give my energy to something as small as this young butterfly, I come back to myself. It only takes a few minutes or maybe hours, (in those moments, time loses its hold on me.)

After a while, the butterfly spread his wings and took off, and I felt the best I had in days.

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Carol said...

Lovely comparison.

Hope you are feeling well now.

Keep writing, even just one line, say something like you miss your readers, or something like that.