Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cupcakes for Isabel...

What is it about cupcakes? Isabel has an absolute passion for them, like nobody I else I know.

When she travels somewhere new, she likes to go on- line to find the cupcake shops in the area.

Whilst visiting my brother in Surrey, we stumbled on a very sweet cupcake shop called "Mirabelle's Cupcakery"... Isabel insisted we go there - twice in fact... The first time she went in alone, just to suss the place out, and bought one cake to see if they were any good.. the second time, I went in there with her, with the hopes of taking some fun photo's..., I like to ask people if their ok with me taking photo's, and in fact, I've never been told "no", however this day, I was told "no"... which was disappointing. The place was very charming, decorated in 1930's decor..., it would have photographed nicely.

So, no photo's, but Isabel talked me into buying cupcakes for all the family (for breakfast!)... I quite enjoyed myself actually, each of the different cupcakes had been named after a famous Hollywood actor or character... Dolly Parton, Forest Gump, Johnny Cash, Scarlet O'hara, Doris Day etc... So, we bought one of each.

I was thinking I would enjoy just watching folks demolish these delightful little creations with just a little bit of envy, when I found myself asking,,, "I don't suppose you make Gluten Free cupcakes do you?" And to my great delight, she said yes, and pointed to a lovely vanilla one with cream cheese frosting, and raspberry on top!... Wow, my lucky day...
So armed with a box of cupcakes and several pounds (British Sterling Pounds) lighter, we headed to my brothers house, where I photographed them, then Isabel cut them up so that everyone to try a few. The kettle was put on, and everyone came into the dining room for cupcakes and tea... (a very un- English breakfast!)

What's the strangest thing you've ever had for breakfast?


Carol said...

Besides the different fruits atop, do the cakes actually taste differently?
Well, you'll have to prove it :-))

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look seriously delicious. Even the gluten-free one. ;)