Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coyote comes to work...

Look who I spotted at lunch time today...Coyote (canis latrans.)

I watched him for a few moments before he noticed me. He was prancing almost, I
read that they walk on their toes, which allows them to detect their prey underground or
even under snow. He then came to a complete stop and arched his head and neck, and seemed to be staring at the ground, actually, I think he was listening, perhaps to a small rodent near to the surface.., he looked so intent and then postured himself like he was about to pounce, but then changed his mind when he saw us watching him, he turned quickly and trotted away, stopping occasionally to look over at us... I was very pleased to have had my camera on me.. (a practice I am trying to adopt more and more.)

I have a great deal of respect for Coyotes, and think them beautiful creatures, even though they are considered by most farmers to be a dangerous predator that needs to be exterminated. I admire their resiliency, and their adaptability to ever changing environments, and the fact that they play a major part in keeping down the rodent population, which I give major thumbs up to!

I found Barbara Kinsolver's book "A Prodigal Summer" very helpful in helping me to understand the crucial part that Coyote's play in balancing local ecosystems..., and what happens when top predators are eradicated, because of myths, fears and biases.

Normally they are nocturnal, feeding/scavenging for food at night.. but the fellow I photographed today was out and about at 1pm, in the middle of the day and in the middle of an industrial park, with cars an people coming in and out... what could he have been thinking?
Perhaps he has a litter of hungry pups to feed, and like a lot of other Dad's out there, he's just looking for a job so he can feed his family?

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Carol said...

Very touching actually. We often talk about what we want to be in our next life, I wonder if a coyote would want to be a coyote again.