Monday, March 1, 2010

More On Little Altars....

Traditional Altar for Dia de las Muertes
New Mexico, November 2010

Altar taken from Latin root word "Altare" meaning elevated or raised up.

After writing my blog entry last week about "Little Altars Everywhere," a friend of mine suggested that I might want to look at what other people keep in the various corners of their homes, and perhaps hear their stories, (or "bios" as she put it.) I loved this idea, and after hearing from several other reader friends about their altars, I've decided that I would very much like to see others people's sacred spaces and will be including them in this blog.

If any of you have sacred corners and/or altars that you'd be willing to share, I would LOVE to hear from you, and either you can send photo's or depending on the distance, I would be happy to come and take photo's.

I leave you with this quote taken from Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth.

"You must have a room or certain hour of the day where you do
not know what is in the morning paper. A place where you can
simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be.
At first you may think nothings happening. But if you have a sacred space
and take advantage of it and use it everyday, something will happen."

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Anonymous said...

I love little altars of all kinds. I have several both inside and outside my house. I'll have to take some photos and send them to you!