Friday, March 5, 2010

More Little Altars...

Personal Altar of a Poet, Dixon, New Mexico

Altars are so personal, intimate. They can transform a room, even a house.

The other day I went to visit a friend at her home to look and photograph her altars.

I must tell you that this was the first time I'd been to her house and so, I had to get directions, (which I forgot to bring with me.) Fortunately, I was able to remember four fifths of the directions,, which got me into the neighborhood, but after that, I was lost.

I drove up and down the street not having a clue which side her house was on, or what it was like, there were lots of lovely houses in this neighborhood, but for some reason I was drawn to one house in particular, it felt different, I couldn't help but wonder if this house was where my friend lived... Suddenly, I had a light bulb moment, and realized I could just call her!!! (some days I'm a little slower than other days! Yikes!) Anyways, she answered her phone and asked me where I was, and as it happens, the house I was staring at was hers! I'm not sure what drew me to it, but I can best describe it by saying that it had a kind of glow to it..., it emanated something that I want to say is most akin to love. You know what I mean? Its like when you see a classic old 50's car and its in cherry condition, the paint work's gleaming the chrome bumpers are sparkling... like its brand new, straight from the factory, except its not, its more than 50 years old! The thing is...., the owner LOVES their car, and it SHOWS...

Or how about the lady I met a couple of weeks ago in the post office. She was 89 girlish years old, and she looked amazing..., vibrant, vital, happy, and oh, sooo in love with her husband and he with her..

It really is food for thought this "Love Thing," and the effects it can have on our bodies, our minds, our spirit..., and from there is spills out to our families, and pets, and yes, even our homes... Its powerful stuff don't you think???

I have a confession to make... Once inside the house, I couldn't really think... I was so overcome with the feeling of the place, I wanted to stay, and not ever leave! I couldn't make my camera work properly, couldn't turn the flash off to take natural light photo's,, I actually felt a bit smitten by my friends home.., so I will have to post some photo's next week after I go visit again (oh goodie!) and hopefully keep my head straight and take better photo's that do justice to this sacred space.

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