Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lotus Blossom

My friend Billie has one of the most peaceful, serene gardens that I personally know of. I took this photograph whilst visiting her last summer. There is an exquisite pond at the bottom of the garden, its a sanctuary for dragonflies, and tiny little frogs, and all manner of wildlife, with large comfortable rocks, big enough to sit on, its a truly magic place to pause for a while and contemplate the beauty of the Lotus flower.

Lotus Blossom
By David Taylor

Nurtured by the words of the wise
with each rain dropp calling His name
in an infinite shower of love
the lotus blossom gently unfolds
as by its very nature must
and displays the centre of beauty
free from attachment
free from fear
free from anger
the still, unmoving heart

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Gluten Free Foodies said...

I love this picture of the lotus flower ... so many meanings ... birth,beauty,love,deep roots, balance and enlightenment. All things to live by. Thanks for sharing and loving the postings! xo Lisa