Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love Paris in the Springtime...

Wow!!! At the end of this month Caelin, Isabel and myself get to go to Paris and then England
for ten days! I have wanted to visit Paris since I first studied the French language in middle school, at the age of 13. I have a feeling that even though its been a 35 year wait..., Paris, will be worth it!

I'm a bit stunned, I keep going up to Isabel and Caelin and saying... "WE are going to Paris!"

The trip came into being because Isabel has been desperately wanting to go back to England to visit my side of the family. She LOVES England and all things English, she is a true Anglophile. (I secretly love her for it!)

Caelin very generously donated his many frequent flyer miles enabling us to buy a couple of round trip tickets... When he saw us getting all excited, he asked if it was an "All Girl trip" only, or was he invited too..?

Having never been to what is possibly THE most romantic city in the world, and have my sweetie along too, makes it all the more special, and he will get to meet my family for the first time!

I'm overwhelmed by all the things there are to do..., but all I can really think of is all the photo opportunities there will be!!!

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