Friday, March 19, 2010

Summer Sweetness

Know what these special little gems are???

Seedlings of Lathyrus odoratus - Commonly known as Sweet Peas.

They happen to be one of my very favorite flowers, and apparently they're one of the top three most popular flowers grown in England, where they've been cultivated since the 1700's.

With deliciously named cultivars such as "April in Paris," "Perfume Delight,"
"Raspberry Ripple," "Chiffon Elegance," and "Incense" to name just a few, is it any wonder that Sweet Peas are so beloved.

I once read that they are self pollinating, which means that their exquisite scent and attractive flowers are not for the benefit of attracting bees and other pollinators. Perhaps they're used to attract and seduce people instead and make them fall in love with them? - Well,, it works for me. I can't imagine summer without their heady, sensual scent filling the house, and I've never given a bouquet of Sweet Peas to any friend without receiving a wonderful smile in return, (usually followed by their nose plunging into the midst of the flowers taking in a big whiff of their famously nostalgic perfume.)

Every year I make room in my already overstuffed garden for Sweet Peas. These beautiful annual climbers, always play a prominent part in my summer garden.

If I had to make a choice I would have to say that early morning has to be my favorite time of the day during the summer. I like to get up while the house is still asleep. Make myself (yes you guessed it,) a cup of tea, and take it out onto the front porch, where I put on my clogs and grab my pruners. I take a few sips of tea and stare out over the flower beds, and ...... well...., do nothing. For several minutes on end there is a special kind of peace. Its as if my brain goes into slow motion. ....., I taste the tea, I smell the dew soaked flowers, I hear the birds singing joyfully, and my eyes are filled with love for the flowers and nature that I am blessed to be experiencing, and I know that for just a little while, I am in heaven.

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