Thursday, March 18, 2010

A recipe for relaxation..., take one steaming cup of tea..

I have come to cherish those special quiet moments in my busy week when I can make time to relax.

This photograph says it all - a cup of tea in my VERY favorite mug of ALL time (a wonderful Christmas gift from my dearest friend Gioia) - Made by Emma Bridgewater, with beautiful English Robins painted all around,, somehow tea ALWAYS tastes best in this mug.. (by the way, did you know that English Robins are quite different from American Robins?? I might perhaps cover this subject in a future blog, as I love and miss English robins.)

Anyway, back to the recipe for relaxation... Mug of tea,, yes,,, favorite squishy chair by the window, sunlight, birdies singing in the trees, oh,,, yes and the latest copy of the most lovely "Country Living" magazine from England. Oh, I almost forgot, some tasty sweet treat, like a nice cookie or scone (Gluten Free of course, and made with Almond Flour - Yum!) Ahhh, favorite pair of reading glasses..check, slippers on... ahhhh... perfection:)))

How do you "Relax?"

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