Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Pink Slippers..

I made these little pink ballet slippers about three years ago and I can honestly say, I was excited by how they turned out. They were my first attempt at felting.

A while after I finished them, my favorite yarn store Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island held a competition which I entered with my slippers. The theme was "Hands & Feet", and so, anything that could be knitted or crochet for either was applicable. After a month of being on display in the windows of the store, and being voted on by the public, the winner was announced - I won.

I was quite stunned, and so very thrilled, as this was the first and only time in my life I'd won anything.

I looked at all of the other entries, some were incredible works of art, some must have taken weeks (months?) to create. At first, I thought there must have been a mistake . Until I went to the store and shyly asked to pick up my slippers. I was presented with a generous prize of a gift certificate and was congratulated by the store owner Kit.

I'm telling you this story, because over and over again, I have and am still learning that unless I give myself permission to jump right into something, I will always believe that "those things" are for other people to achieve. If I hadn't started my first felting project, I couldn't have won the first prize, until I signed up to run that half marathon I would not have experienced the sheer exhilaration of running with thousands of people, and the feeling of self power and achievement of the experience.

Until I committed to myself that I would write this daily blog about FINDING LOVE, I would never have known that I could a) write down my thoughts and feelings and put them out into the world b) have had so much LOVE come right back at me. ( I had no idea just how much love, kindness and support was/is there just waiting.)

All I/We have to do is remember to always say "Yes" to our dreams...

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