Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Lady of the Kitchen Sink Altar

It started when I was cruising the "ethnic" aisle at our local Safeway, she was just beaming down at me - The Virgen de Guadalupe candle.I had to have one. I brought her home, unloaded the rest of my shopping and gave her space right in the middle of my small and very crowded counter top, where she had to keep company with a juicer, kitchen aid mixer, bowl of apples, basket of vegetables, washing up liquid, pot scrubber, hand soap, recipe keeper... (you get the idea?) But, she didn't complain, she just said, "light me." So I did, and you know what..? I instantly felt calmer. I began to put some food away, pull out other food from the refrigerator and started dinner. I kept her lit whilst I made dinner, and for several hours afterwards, she added a certain peacefulness to the kitchen. The next morning I lit her up and again, I felt the same quiet and calm, and for a couple more days, I kept her lit whenever I was home.Today, I decided to give her AND myself some space. I looked at everything on the counter and asked myself, "do I need this, do I use this, do I want this?" If I was answered with a clear "yes." I knew that I had to keep it on hand, everything else got put in storage, or under the sink so as to be easily at hand.The Virgen de Guadalupe was given place of honor, then I thought, hmmm, I think she'd like some flowers (she agreed.) Then a little bowl of potpurri and a couple of extra candles (she liked the extra light.)I took a step back, turned off the kitchen lights, and drew in my breath.I had shifted the whole feel of the kitchen. A place where I spend a great deal of time.The simple act of taking away "things I (thought) needed" and then l-i-s-t-e-n-e-d to what to do next.....I was able to bring peace, beauty and calm into my kitchen

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suzanna said...

Your home organizer friend Suzanna wholeheartedly approves of the process you used to declutter and feel inspired while under the guidance of our holy lady. I'm moved to create my own kitchen alter now, thanks! Suzanna
p.s. I used to come back from Mexico with dozens of those candles when we lived in San Diego. I think our lady helped me survive the years I stayed at home with three children while my husband was frequently away at sea.