Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meet "Blankie"

Meet "Blankie," my 19 year old daughter's best friend since she was 2 years old. As you can see he has been loved up one side and down the other, over the years he's travelled to Hawaii, England, and even been as far as Argentina. He's been on cruises, planes and trains. In other words... he's done a lot for such a humble blankie!

I found him today, as I was cleaning and organizing Sophie's bedroom for the first time since she went away to college. He was folded neatly in a corner of her closet. I was rather surprised to see she hadn't taken him with her, and figured that well, perhaps, maybe, she's finally outgrown having him with her. When I took him down to look at him (yes he's male,) I realized how the world traveling has impacted him, literally he's had the stuffing knocked out of him.

So I got out my needle, thread, and some fabric scraps and have started to fix Blankie.

When Sophie Skyped me tonight, I showed her Blankie being patched up.... You'd think I was showing her a near and dear blood relative that was being brought back to life..., she was so happy, saying she hadn't taken him to college, because he was so frail and was worried for him!

I'm happy that I can do something for my sweet girl, that brings such a huge smile to her face and joy to her heart.

I never had an "object of affection" as a child, and often wish that I did...

Did/do you have a "something special" to comfort you when you were young?

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Anonymous said...

I love that your fixing him! Please post the finished product when your done. I have an afghan my grandmother made me when I was a child. I still wrap myself in it every morning when I'm having coffee. And when I was very little I had my grandfather's old hunting cap, which I wore every night to bed. I wonder where it is now... :) I'll have to find it!