Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Year Of Finding Love

On the road today

I love to ride motorcycles. I owned my first bike when I was 18 years old and lived in England. When I bought the bike, I had no idea how to ride, I just paid the man for the bike, jumped on and took off. Though it had a small engine (125cc), I came close to wrecking it and myself a number times, usually going full throttle, often without knowing what was around the bend! I was a little reckless to say the least, and a LOT lucky. But I was hooked.

About 7 years ago after a long respite from riding, I took a class to learn how to ride bikes the right way (I recommend this way to anyone considering owning a motorcycle.)

Nowadays I still love the speed and power (my current bike has about 1640cc's), but I'm a lot safer rider.

But the thrill hasn't changed, and I feel like a Bad Ass, as I ride like the wind...


You get the idea...?

I dream one day of riding my bike through the Southwest, me , my bike and miles of open road and beautiful weather...

In order to be as safe as possible, you have to be fully present, in the moment.., all senses on alert. So many other things I do during the day I can do on "automatic pilot," but not this, my life depends on it..., which is why I love to ride.

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