Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Altars Everywhere

Do you have favorite little corners of your home?
I do.

To some eyes these places might look like an untidy mess, a mishmash of random feathers, art, rocks, postcards, pottery, books, photos... But to me they are little sacred altars, that feed the quiet place in me that needs to pause during the day, a place for my eyes to rest upon and feel a sense of comfort and softness.

This photo is of one of those special places. Its in the kitchen, so I get to look at it often. I feel like I'm being watched over by a very loving Madonna.

Do you have any special or favorite places in your home that you love?

1 comment:

Carol said...

That's neat. I'd like to look if there is a place I like in the house... Well, there is one but don't know if it counts - it's the spot on my husband's left shoulder where I can rest my head when we lie in bed. Hahaha. It's very relaxing and very peaceful that I'd like to call it the best spot in the world... OK, it doesn't count. Well then, I think maybe I'd start looking around and make one. It's so fun.