Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Signs of Spring..

Is spring just around the corner? After this weekends gorgeous weather, I'm inclined to think so.
It seemed like all the birds knew it too.

We are very fortunate to have woods on two sides of our house, which makes excellent cover for wildlife, the birds especially seem to like it. We've fed them daily for more than five years and we reap the benefit of being able to observe some of Western Washington's most beautiful birds.

My daughter Isabel calls me a "bird nerd," I guess that's about right. I love to watch birds, listen to birds, and photograph birds and i.d them... If I see a new one that I haven't seen before, I just HAVE to know what it is, and won't rest till I know its name...( I feel the same way about plants too.)

On Sunday we were visited by a frisky pair of Sphyrapicus Ruber - Red Breasted Sapsuckers, they flitted and flirted in the sunshine all morning long. It was the first time I'd ever seen one, let alone two!

Birds bring so much joy, by just being themselves...

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