Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Bird In The Hand...

We're very happy to welcome back our friendly family of Carduelis pinus (Pine Siskin.) They visit us every winter and spring, and are a delight to feed and watch. Their numbers are strong this year, probably due in part to the mild winter we've been experiencing. I was a rather worried for them after last winters harsh weather. During the worst of the snow and deep frost, I would wake up hearing the birds in the nearby trees, calling me to come and put out their seed.

The deck railings had to be swept first and the snow shook off the assorted feeders.. On one of these mornings I went out, and found one of these sweet little birds, shrugged over, eyes almost closed.... I slowly walked over to him and put my hand gently next to him.. He didn't move, his eyes barely blinking. So I scooped him up and let the heat from my hands warm his cold little feet. I put some seed on my hand for him and he slowly ate. I was so surprised by how unafraid he was,, maybe he didn't have the energy to be anything, he was too frozen.

I loved the quietness that the freshly fallen snow allowed, and as I slowed my breath down, and held that little Siskin, I imagined sending not only warmth but love through my hands to his frozen little body, I spoke with a quieted voice, and told him everything was going to be alright and that he just needed to eat and all would be well.

He seemed to enjoy this new perch on my hand and even after he'd thawed out and began to look around and perk up he didn't want to leave. How special this time felt, to be able to connect with something wild and untamed....

Have you had an experience communing with a wild living thing???

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