Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Wishing you all Peace, Health and Happiness.

Thank you for staying in touch and being part of my community of friends and family.
This coming year I will be writing more, creating more and running more:)
I love hearing from you and hearing about whats going on in your worlds, so if any of you blog.. sign me up, and if you email..., drop me a line or maybe send me some photo's... Time (life) is flying by, Sophie's now in college and Isabel is in her second year of high school.. They're both busy people in their own right with friends, commitments, work, dreams.. I am blessed to have them both at home for Christmas.

My wish for us all, is that we have a sweet, kind, loving, peaceful christmas.

With Love and Appreciation.


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Carol said...

Good, it's about time... I'd LOVE to hear more often from you, busy Bee :-))