Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On a recent trip to Portland International Raceway, I had the opportunity to do some birding.  It is without doubt my favorite track to visit, due in part to its location.  The track is now owned by the City, but at one point was being sought after by bazillionare Paul Allen, who had plans to "develop" the desirable property, probably into something with Pizazz, I'm sure, but I can't remember.  The truth is this track is a stunning park, surrounded by beautiful waterways that are filled with wildlife, and what I've noticed is an amazing balance to be found between the racing metal boxes tearing around the tarmac at break-neck speeds and the crazy humans that drive them and the business as usual, life goes on, matter of fact-ness attitude of the birds and mammals there.  

On a trip to the public loos our friend Richard was almost mown down (slight exaggeration) by a starling who disappeared into an electrical box on the side of the building.  Richard came and got me (he knows I'm partial to birds.)  We opened up the box and took some photos - take a look at what we found...

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