Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stillness Before The Big Move...

Oranges In A Yellow Glass Bowl

I like this photo a lot. The early morning sunshine is streaming into the front of the house and the dining room. The oranges are contained in a glass bowl, allowing the light to shine through, creating a soft glow, gently diffusing the usual, natural vibrancy of the oranges. I find myself soothed and calmed by this little still life.

It seems like I am drawn to soothing and calming everything these days...

I must be doing a little self-medicating, trying to draw a sense of peace from quiet images and activities (doodling at the track,) as I try to stay focused, positive and CALM about our up-and-coming move. The house sale is moving ahead nicely, and I continue to keep the house in order, in case people want to view it... In fact, we are planning on showing it right up until the papers are signed on June 2nd, when we hope to hear the proverbial "Fat Lady Sing."

We have yet to find our new home, yet I am not panicking ..., I have faith that we will hear about it soon, and all will work out wonderfully.

Besides,,, we ALWAYS have Petunia! (our RV)

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