Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Little Box of Joy...

Do you know what this is?

Its a little box of JOY.... This treasure filled box includes hand dyed felt, fabric, buttons, ribbons, silk flowers..beads galore.. and many other fabulous little bits and pieces... Sighhhh... and most importantly of all it contains an invisible Invite, or better yet, Permission Slip...

Yes, Permission with a capital "P", to go ahead and have fun, be creative, make something, do something, get out of your rut (if you're in one,) mix it up.., be wild, be crazy... you name it... in the immortal words of NIKE... "Just Do It."

Its all there in the box..., what a brilliant little kit this is, created by artist Nikki Wheeler, who sells at a fun new store on Bainbridge Island called Indie Banditas Bazzar .

I fell in love with the color combinations in this particular kit..., they remind me of sunsets in the Southwest..

Have you noticed how over and over again you're drawn to certain combinations of colors, or certain individual colors that just take you're breath away? I am aware daily of the value of color. I'm intrigued by the conscious and sometimes unconscious role color plays in peoples lives.

Some colors have a beguiling effect on me, for example when I look at something that's painted the blue color, some call "Periwinkle", (I call it "French Lavender Blue,") my heart skips a beat, I have to stop what I'm doing and stare.. My eldest daughter says it has that effect on me because its my "Soul Color," I'm not sure exactly what that means.., but my heart says she's right... I wonder, how it would be to have a room painted in French Lavender Blue...? Hmmm...

What colors move you???

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