Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Hungry New Family To Feed...

We have a new family in the neighborhood.. A family of black capped chickadees.
Sunny Jim (pictured above) seemed to like to sit on our deck railing and wait/wail for his mama to come and feed him.  Yesterday he sat and waited and waited in the drizzle, looking like a little wet pompom....

Sometimes he looked so dejected..

And at other times he looked downright peeved!!!

He looked the happiest when he was with all of his brothers and sisters, and he was the one getting fed! They are so much fun to watch, the babies are so comical the way they quiver all over when the parents are nearby and peep hysterically "feed me, feed me, feed me." The mother frantically flits around finding seeds, cracking them open as fast as she can then cramming them into ever needy baby beaks... They act so helpless when the parents are there, yet as soon as they (Mom and Dad) fly off, the babies start cramming their own beaks with food... CG took a short video for me of the little darlings so that I could share the joy with you all. I hope you enjoy..., just click on the YouTube link below... P.S if you listen carefully you can hear the very lovely song of our visiting Black Headed Grosbeak and the pecking of a nearby woodpecker in the trees...


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Hi There!

Thanks so much for joining us at Friday Finding Beauty.. Your post was just perfect!

Those little ones are darling.

Hope to see you again next week!


Gillena Cox said...

after church
a visit to your blog--
ever reason to smile

much love

sharon said...

I love to watch the birds in our garden, and so often the babies pretend to be helpless just to get attention.