Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Place To Lay My Hat...

Garden Bench & Hat

I am delighted to announce that we have a new home to move to!

Words cannot describe how happy and relieved I feel.

Our new home is on Bainbridge Island and I just know that it will be the source of lots of new photographs AND, I'm as excited about the garden as I am about the house..., I feel like a puppy with two tails!!!  Which tail do I wag first???

I love the way my garden smells after its rained, so last night (in between rain showers,) I took a stroll outside to take in the ever changing beauty and talk with my beloved plants - I'm a FIRM believer in the power of good and kind words spoken to plants, people and any living thing for that matter.  I told them how much I loved them, and how proud I am of them and how much joy they have brought me and many passerby's, and I informed them that even though I will be moving, the new owner is an avid gardener, (which according to the real estate agent was one of the big reasons why they bought our house.)  And I know that in my heart they will be fine, and I am leaving them in very capable hands.  It may sound silly, but I have nurtured these plants and fretted over some as if they were my own children.

Now, its time to say goodbye and let them go...

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Dianne said...

Congratulations, Neinah, this move has been a long time coming in some ways and now happening at just the right time and in its own time. How good is this?!

I note this news of change is arriving on a Full Moon. The keywords for this Full Moon are "Emotional Rebirth". This Full Moon carries the energies to help re-invigorate our passion for living, and encourages us to follow our hearts as we go forward -- even if in so doing, we break some rules (via following the nonconformist impulse).