Monday, January 25, 2010

Northern Flicker colaptes auratus

Look who came to dinner!
Actually, my friend Flicker is a regular diner at Chez Deck.
He usually shows up a time or two in the late afternoon to check on the status of the suet feeder, along with a very noisy, bustling, busy, oh so cute chattering family of Bushtits Psaltriparus minimus, there a bit tricky to photograph as they are SO very busy and are in constant motion, but thanks to my new Canon PowerShot SX200IS with a really cool zoom and anti-shake thingumy, that my Dear Sweetie gave me, my chances of getting a free from blurry shot are much better than they used to be! In fact, I have my new trusty camera with me at all times..., just in case..,, this new camera has inspired me to a whole new level of photo taking... so,,, watch this space:)))

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