Friday, November 26, 2010


Taz sits at the french window, watching the first few flakes of snow...

Its been a rough few days on our little island, starting with the snow and ice blasting down from the Arctic on Monday, making for treacherous driving conditions.  The day after the storm, we ventured out to buy groceries and found the roads littered with abandoned vehicles, some had slid and collided into one another, or people had simply stopped where they could rather than risking going any further and must have walked the rest of their way home.

The news reported record breaking, freezing winter temperatures (and its only November!)

The winds picked up the following day and temperatures continued to drop, the power went out in many homes and businesses including ours and was slow to come back on.  The night before Thanksgiving our power returned (such a relief..., I was due to have 4 families come for dinner.)  However later that evening,  we discovered the pipes had frozen in our laundry room and had flooded the floor.  We had to turn the water off, we had a visit from the local fire department who assured us that our burst pipes/damage was nothing compared to what they had seen over the past 24 hours...(thank goodness for small mercies...)

 Thanksgiving was a bit of a challenge, as no running water meant no dishwashers, toilets flushing, etc. etc..., (things that I've so completely taken for granted for most of my life.)  And sadly, several guests were not able to make the dinner due to their own set of difficulties caused by the winter storm...

However, despite the setbacks,  I felt very thankful... I had both my children at home (which always puts me in a joyful, contented mood), the power/heat was back on, we had shelter protecting us from the elements.  

A great fire roared in the hearth (I always feel a sense of well being when we have a good fire blazing.)
And we had an abundance of tasty, healthy, delicious food and... each other...:)))))

How was your thanksgiving???


Carol said...

This photo is SO lovely. Great shot!

Good to know you use the camera so much. Hey, what kind of close up lens do you have?

I just got back from Asia. 1.5 months in Asia is a little too much so I got my share of "after" cold. Noise still running.

Will catch up by ready your blog. (Didn't do it in China due to a lot of reasons.) Got to catch up with a lot of other stuff too. And Michael is leaving on Suandy to work and won't be home until Xmas. I will have a lot of free time to do all the catch-ups...

Happy Holidays

Gillena Cox said...

getting the weather for different global areas on CNN is one thing getti ng first hand accounts from friends quite another
take care, stay warm, enjoy your winter weather; Taz is so cute

much love