Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Marjoram...

Hot lavender, mints,
savor, marjoram;
the marigold, that goes
to bed wi' the sun,
and with him rise weeping.

William Shakespeare ~ A Winter's Tale

Golden Marjoram and Nasturtium Flowers...

Quite often I get asked about my salad dressing..., its my staple recipe that I can dress up with various herbs and spices.  Above is a photo of the dressing, below is the recipe...  enjoy!

Mix together:- 

2 tbsp    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1 - 2 Crushed Garlic Cloves
1 tspn Dijon Mustard
Sea Salt and Black Pepper to taste


Its that easy, tossed over a salad of fresh greens, or tasty little new potatoes...mmmmm good...
I'm not sure why bottled dressings are so popular, when something this delicious and fresh can be made in just a jiffy!

Feel free to add your favorite herbs or spices... 

One of my favorites is Golden Marjoram..., I've loved it since a child, I have fond memories of my sister's cooking, especially Sunday Lunch, and her golden roasted chicken with a savory stuffing made with marjoram...  There's just something sweet and good about this herb... I looked up the folklore of it and found that it was a favorite herb of the greek goddess Aphrodite, Romans believed it promoted longevity.., its associated with Joy and Happiness, which is why they would include it in the head dresses of newlyweds... and Egyptians believed that if it was found growing on a persons tomb, it was a sign that the person who had died was happy in the afterlife... 

Whatever its qualities, it really ads something to cooking ~ and its flowers are beloved by bees and butterflies alike... , and me too, I have a small vase of them on my bedside table tonight...

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