Monday, August 30, 2010

My Quiet Corner...

Since starting "A Year Of Finding Love," I have attempted to write everyday.., which as it turns out,  has been impossible for me to do, due to vacationing, and moving etc... but its not because I haven't wanted to..., on the contrary, I find myself craving the sweet, quietness that I need in order to "find" the love to write about and share.  This is where my quiet corner comes in...  Isn't it funny, by simply having  a quiet corner of a room, it can provide such solace and comfort after a busy, go-go-go day (such as today was for me.)

I think the warmth that emits from the gold colored secretary/desk makes it very inviting.., and though its not organized yet, I have started to fill it with my favorite poetry books, photographs of my children, special stones and art... It has a magnetic presence in the room, and I find that during the day when I enter the room, it seems to call out to me... and I have to rush past and try to ignore it..., but truly, I just want to sit down, put the lamp on and play...

Do you have a special inviting place to call your own?  It doesn't have to be big, I thought I needed an entire room, but actually, this little corner and piece of furniture that I can call "My Space" is all I need.

I feel so very grateful for this oasis -  a little place to call my own where I can just sit and be and listen, then write and share and play...  its a necessity now that brings creativity and balance to each and every day.


Natasha said...

That is indeed a beautiful area to write in. Your secretary desk is gorgeous and the whole area is so light and fresh. I can see why you would think of this space as an oasis!

Best wishes,

Carol said...

Yes, Neinah, this is indeed a lovely and romantic meeting place to date one's self.
You inspired me to make my shop more inviting and warm for me to wanting to spend more time there.
And, girl, I really admire you for writing so often - even when not daily - to share yourself so openly. I feel I would confuse my friends if I do the same as I have too many things going on and my ideas change too much - even for myself. I life is like an experiment of multiple subjects. I won't even know where to begin :-))
It's always a pleasure to read yours.