Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet Summer Tomatoes...

Picking the fruits of summer...

There is nothing like the taste of home grown tomatoes, now we have a greenhouse  growing and ripening tomatoes is so much easier.  I love the smell of tomato plants, and the slow and gentle art of  picking these juicy, red jewels, plucking fingers rub against the leaves releasing their delicious aroma...

My favorite way to eat tomatoes is right off the vine, or with some goat cheese, fresh basil and bread (gluten free of course,) and perhaps a few Nicoise olives.... yummmmmmmm...

A perfect pair - Fresh picked tomatoes and basil...

Here's a beautiful, juicy poem... enjoy...

Picking Tomatoes ~ by John Tansey

In the midst of my angst,
I stooped to see a woman
picking tomatoes;
Choosing with such deliberate surety,
the plump ripe one at the right moment.
Suddenly, I sensed the world was upheld by her
and I felt safe, being near this earthly gardener.

Gentle, like Zen, in its old age,
She was an elegant, gray haired woman
named Eve, a biblical, ancient beauty
who left Adam to stay and care for the Garden,
a maiden of the woods,
married to the tree of knowledge.
And as I reached out to feel her essence,
she picked the one that I was on!

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