Friday, March 26, 2010

Nous Sommes Arrives!

Look at the beautiful keyring to our room.., everything here is done with such style..

We arrived safely in Paris after a long 9+ hour flight. A little weary, as no sleep was had on the plane, but we found some energy once we got to our hotel, a charming place called "Hotel St. Jacques," tucked away on a little side street in the 5th Arrondissement. We are very happy to find out that we are centrally located to many popular tourist destinations. So, as soon as we checked our bags in, we took off on foot and found our way to the river Seine, walked along it for a little ways and came upon the awe inspiring Notre Dame.

When we went to check out the Cathedral, we were amazed at the crowds of people/tourists? pouring in by the the thousands.

We observed a priest saying mass, all through the thousands of people entering and clicking their cameras, saying prayers, lighting candles for loved ones, buying rosaries, and talking.

I felt "held" by the majesty and the peacefulness of the building, despite the throngs of people, it didn't seem to impact the sacredness and presence of the place at all.

Tomorrow..., Porte de Vanves flea Market, and a sight seeing around Paris by Segway...

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Apron Thrift Girl said...

my heart stopped when I read "flea market". You are so lucky. Have a wonderful time. Let me know how you do on a gf diet in Paris.