Monday, March 22, 2010

Brave New Artist

I like to think that Carol Lord had to be born with her amazing creative gift, and her" stick to it " determination (a good combination for any budding artist hoping to make their mark in the world.)

I met Carol through her husband Michael, (he too is a talented artist - an emmy award winning composer and musician.) We met Michael when Caelin and I decided to take up race car driving a few years ago. Which ended in Caelin taking up racing as a serious hobby (within 3 years he won the pro 3 championship,) and I decided that rather than be a racer I wanted to be support person/cheer leader for my sweetie - good decision:)

During the many weekends that we spent racing that first summer, Carol and I got to know each other well and while the men stood outside in the baking heat with their heads under the hoods of race cars, scratching their heads and discussing such things as "slip differenentials,"... Carol and I busied ourselves in the "race support vehicle," (a comfortable air conditioned r.v with lovely things like stove top and refrigerator where I would prepare food and cold drinks for the road warriors.)

When not being support crew we would do fun stuff - paper collaging. Our tools of choice, glue sticks and scissors, old magazines.

I thought I knew how to collage but when I saw what Carol was doing with her old magazines and papers I was intrigued..., I'd never seen anything like what she was doing. Her images made from torn and cut up recycled papers were so different from anything I'd seen before. She had style that was different and unique.

From then on, whenever I went to the races, I would have to go hunting for Carol, usually I would find her locked away in her and Michaels RV, papers and magazines spread out amongst racing gear and tools...

Clearly Carol's art was becoming something BIG in her life, whenever I saw her she had a serene glow of fulfillment on her face... She confessed that she could happily spend all day doing her art..., and did..., often.

That's how "it" happens isn't it? Quite by happenstance Carol discovered her passion. She discovered that she has a gift to share with the world. She is a talented artist with her own unique vision.

Now she is taking that vision out into the world, which takes heart and a willingness to be vulnerable. She has just opened a small booth at Pikes Market in Seattle where I know that others will soon recognize the love that goes into her wonderful unique paper paintings.

I think the world is ready for more Carol's in the world...

Do you have a passion, that nurtures and fulfills you?

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