Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Love Poem...

Its a short post today I'm sorry to say... a visit to the oral surgeon has stopped me from jaw-in too much..

Love you lots,

A Homecoming ~
by Wendell Berry

One faith is bondage.  Two
are free.  In the trust
of old love, cultivation shows
a dark and graceful wilderness
at its heart.  Wild
in that wilderness, we roam
the distance of our faith;
safe beyond the bounds
of what we know.  O love,
open.  Show me
my country.  Take me home.


A request for loving prayer...

For Roger...

Please join me if you will and send loving prayers
to the husband of my sweet sister.
He has a short time left and 
I pray that he knows a kind of gentleness and
peace, that he truly deserves.

Thank you.


Carol said...

Sorry to hear about your brother in law. I pray that he doesn't feel too much of the pain either physically or emotionally. I pray your sister will be fine, too. Life is never easy.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Roger. Our prayers are with them for a comforted sweet departure. May they rest in God's hands. Blessings. Karen Beagle