Monday, January 24, 2011

Where Do You Go To Find Sanctuary ~ And Yourself?

I won't lie, its been a rough couple of months, which is why there's been an absence of blog entries...

A lot has been going on in our lives which for the most part is just, well... part of living...  Last weekend we moved out of one house and into a new one. (the old house wasn't a good fit for us all, the new one seems to be a much better one,) still... a "move" is a MOVE and I think that for me,  moving is close to the top of my list of most loathed things in the world! (especially if I have to do it three times within a year!)...

But enough of that... I write to tell you that in all the life changing events that have gone on for us or those close to us, I have discovered that during the challenging times I have such a profound need to restore balance inside... a need as important and elemental as food and water.

Do you know the kind of days where you're being counted on by so many people to do so many things, (and try to put a brave face on top of it all,) and your hearing bad news from several quarters and there are teenage children that are needing extra patience (and I never seem to have enough...) and still despite everything, the laundry needs to get done,  the dogs have to be walked and dinner put on the table...?

At the end of day, this is my sanctuary ~ I go here to re-source my body, mind and spirit...

A bath tub full of hot bubbly water, candles, seashells, beach glass and my own company help me to return to balance.  This is MY time to meditate, turn inwards and try to find myself, my relationship to spirit and this world we live in and..., some days it works and some days... 

Do you have a special place, a ritual, where you find sanctuary (sanity.)???

I would love hearing from anyone who wishes to share.

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Today at work I heard about a friend of mine's daughter who has suffered tremendous injuries from a car accident.  She is in ICU fighting for her life.

Please take a moment to say a healing prayer for Karen.

Thank you... 

With love, 



Marydon said...

Prayers lifting for Karen ... I hope she does come thru this well.

I go nowhere in particularly except in the spring & summer I venture to my gardens for solace.

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Have a beauatiful eve ~
Hugs, Marydon

Anonymous said...

Our places of sancturay could could fit on the head of a pin. If you are in tune with that special place you can bring it forward and feel safe whether you are in the middle of a hurricane or under an apple tree with a cup of tea. It's not a place or glass of wine, it's the quiet mind, dicipline and self that takes you THERE.

Elizabeth said...

Ahh, were it that easy for all of us to access the stillness and truth. It is undeniable that sanctuary lies within, but if the path there is not well-worn many of us need ritual and reminder to find our way there.

When I am in nature and out from under the umbrella of the man-made I can find it without fail. It needn't be deep in the wilderness or for long--a quick walk along the creek near my home always brings me back to myself, into my heart. Gratitude starts flowing the second that I am among the plants and hear the water. And that--gratitude--is the real ticket for me. Anyone else?

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Just lifted Karen in prayer, Neinah.

I find that blogging is my happy place. If I can find the right words to make someone's day brighter, then I make my own brighter, too.

I'm so glad to see you posting again, and I hope that this recent move will be the last, with all of the nesting being fun and not a chore. I could right a book on being uprooted, but I will save that for another day. It is stressful to be uprooted, and I'm glad you are being kind to yourself in the process.

Warm hugs, Neinah...


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

Neinah, this is a beautiful post. Funny, I wrote a post kind of along the same lines, about finding that sanctuary and yourself. I know changes in life can sometimes throw life out of synch. I am praying for Karen.

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