Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fruits of Autumn..

Dahlias and Squash

Sunset  colors...

Beautiful Pear Shaped Squash

Pinkest Pink Dahlia...

We have been blessed with a very mild Autumn thus far, perhaps that's why there are so many gorgeous Dahlias still available at the markets... They come is such exquisite colors, my favorites  come in shades of sunset...  

I realize that Autumn is my favorite time of year for colors..., golds, coppers, purples, magenta, oranges, reds.. warm, rich, passionate colors that make me feel blessed to have eyes to see the riot of color that surrounds us.

To Autumn
~ By William Blake

O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stained
With the blood of the grape, pass not, but sit
Beneath my shady roof; there thou may'st rest,
And tune thy jolly voice to my fresh pipe,
And all the daughters of the year shall dance!
Sing now the lusty song of fruits and flowers.

The narrow bud opens to her beauties to
The sun, and love runs in her thrilling veins;
Blossoms hang round the brow of morning, and
Flourish down the bright cheek of modest Eve,
Till clust'ring Summer breaks forth into singing,
And feather'd clouds strew flowers round her head.

The spirits of the air live on the smells
Of fruit; and joy, with pinions light, roves round
The gardens, or sits singing in the trees.
Thus sang the jolly Autumn as he sat;
Then rose, girded himself, and o'er the bleak
Hill fled from our sight; but left his golden load.


Gillena Cox said...

white squash i never seen those here in Trinidad; the dahlias, we have those
Have a good Sunday

much love

The Quintessential Magpie said...

How gorgeous! How absolutely gorgeous, Neinah... both the photographs and the poem!


Sheila :-)