Monday, August 16, 2010

Time To Be Gentle...

 I spent the weekend in Portland racing with CG... and it was very hottttt and dryyyy at the race track... (I retreated into the air conditioned rv, fondly known as Petunia...,) and I remained cool as a cucumber,  I napped, and I read and I sketched, and drank cups of tea... , and realized how tired I'd become from all the moving and recent changes and upheavals..., so I took time to myself, and decided to take a couple of days off from blogging and listen gently to what my body needed ~ and REST was the answer...

One thing I did do, was go to the farmers market.  I love going there......, I get so inspired ~ to cook, to plant and grow things..., to capture the sights and smells... and photograph..., to eat...!!!

Here's a collage of market photo's... enjoy...



Dahlia bud

So many peppers

Viburnum berries

Sunny sunflowers

1 comment:

Joke van de Klift said...

Hi, Neinah
Wat een prachtige picture heb je van de bloemen, groenten, paprika's en bessen.
Erg mooi!!
What a seprice from that name of that child, very nice to read that.
Ik spreek geen goed engels, maar probeer het af en toe.
Have a nice day,
Lovely greeting,