Thursday, July 22, 2010

Evening Time...

View Across The Harbor

I'm really starting to settle into a rhythm of living at our new home.  After dinner and clean up, I love to just sit and look out across the water, I watch the changing light and reflections on the homes, and trees, if you look carefully you can just make out the outline of the city (at the top of the photo between the tree tops.)  The skyscrapers turn a beautiful shade of dusky pink just before the sun dips below the horizon, and the cities lights turn on and begin to twinkle.  

Even though I still have many boxes to open and sort, I feel calmer as the days pass, and find myself allowing for more time to wander outside and enjoy this new beautiful garden...

Here's a few scenes of this new magical place.


Queen of Dreamsz said...


You view is fabulous...totally enchanting with the water and then the opportunity to see the city skyline come alive.

And your green house/atrium is beyond beautiful. I'd love to see close views of large are those rooms?

I think I'd definitely take up gardening with a whole new perspective having that....just lovely!

I'm new to your blog...found you by way of PiNk Saturday. I've been attending PS for almost 2 years. I know you will enjoy this group of women and what we have to share...which is no telling! We have a lot of fun visiting one another.

I hope you'll come visit me and let's become new blog friends. I know I want to keep up with your garden. :0)

Have a wonderful PiNk day,
Stephanie ♥

A Write Life said...

Such lovely images. Wow! I'd love to look out your windows. Hope you are having a great week.