Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time Out In The Desert...

Crooked River, Smith Rock, Eastern Oregon

A last minute idea finds me taking a break from moving, living in between homes, waiting for summer to make an appearance and all manner of nagging "stuff."  I'm here in Bend, Oregon to take a little time out and visit with my girlfriend Gioia and take in the breathtaking scenery.  

When I left, the sky in Seattle was Battleship Grey, low heavy clouds threatened to break loose a torrent at any moment.  Looking out of the taxi window on the way to the airport, I couldn't help but wonder where summer had gone to this year...  My question was answered upon landing at the small airport in Eastern Oregon... It had come here, and forgot to keep going north to Washington!  

Brilliant blue skies, not a cloud anywhere, 75 degrees, and gentle breeze... ahhhh...,,, SUMMER .... 

Have you noticed (in yourself and or others) how the sun changes disposition and body?

I have ached all over for weeks now, due to packing, lifting, sleeping in a different bed, within a couple of hours of being in the sun, all my aches and sore spots melted away in the gentle warmth of this high
desert place.

Taking a walk at Smith Rocks after lunch I was reminded of my love of the high desert of New Mexico and Arizona..., the delicious scent of white sage and pine, gentle breeze on my warm skin, big blue sky that goes forever, lizards heating themselves on ancient rocks and a stillness and quiet that truly feeds my soul.

Looking Northwest to Mount Hood

A lone rock climber scales a vertical rock face

Lizard warming himself on a rock (I know how he feels..)

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love the sun. I know it's hot as blazes right now in many parts of the South, but I love the sun. I always have. The older I get, the more it is my friend, and I adore its light. :-)

Enjoy yourself!