Friday, April 9, 2010

The Feminine Face of Paris

Architectural detail on an apartment building along the Rue de Rivoli...

Everywhere I turned in Paris, I saw sculpted images of the feminine..., Goddesses, Madonnas, Saints, Queens. I found them everywhere, on bridges, lamp posts, the outside of buildings holding up balconies (like the photo above), statues in parks... everywhere I went, there were beautiful images of women carved into stone, wood, plaster or molded into metal.

Are city's considered to be masculine or feminine?

If so, I would definitely consider Paris to be a feminine city...

I wish that I'd taken more photographs...

I have a dream to return to this gorgeous city one day, and spend several weeks there, photographing and understanding more about this aspect of Paris that I find so very
intriguing and appealing.

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